Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hello Spring 2012 Semester; and in general, hello 2012!

Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year!

I'm back to my Fall 2011 schedule of working at P.F. Chang's, interning at AARP, and taking 5 classes, but I did make one change!

I already went to 5 classes offered by Rutgers Recreation this week using the FlexPass! It was only $50 for 12 weeks of 60 drop-in classes/week! Definitely worth it in my humble opinion as long as you can go to a minimum of 2 classes/week.

Where to get it (only open to Rutgers affiliates):

So far I've gone to Willpower and Grace, BodyPump, TBT (Total Body Training), and BodyFlow.

After taking WIllpower and Grace for the first time, my legs were sore for two days. The entire class was squats and lunges, but to great music and a very motivational instructor. I worked up a sweat and that doesn't happen easily! I tried it for a second time and I wasn't nearly as sore as the first time and the class left me feeling encouraged and great about myself.

BodyPump is one of my favorites where you're doing intervals of different exercises all while using a barbell! You really feel your muscles working and the class allowed me to feel comfortable lifting weights as a female since often it may feel awkward in a weight room full of guys.

TBT started off easy for me but then she went into this outer leg workout and push ups (my worst nightmare!). She said by the end of the semester we would work up to doing 100 push ups. But in this class I could actually feel my fat burning off.

Finally, BodyFlow was a more relaxing class. It was a lot like Yoga except the movements between positions were more graceful. I especially liked the "shavasana" at the end where the instructor simply told us to lay down, relax, and let go while our body temperature dropped.