Thursday, September 15, 2011

White Castle

Got through my second week of school this week and I'm really enjoying the MHRM program at Rutgers. It's a much different experience than my undergrad, although I loved loved loved my undergrad (and miss it immensely, especially RUPA and First Light!).

Anyway, last night, after three 3-hour classes, the gym, homework assignments, 2 granola bars, a Dunkin Donuts flatbread, a free chicken hotdog and turkey burger (complements of Livingston Campus), and my friend leaving her phone in a locked classroom where we had to call the Rutgers police to get it back, my friend and I were craving White Castle.

This was my fist time back at White Castle since Valentine's Day with some of my closest undergrad friends! White Castle has always been there for me, whether it be for a late night snack, a place my friends and I could satisfy our hunger for cheap, take a study break, experience valentine's day, or to pick up a crave case before a party. I personally like their original slider and jalepeno cheeseburgers! The prices at the location I go to did increase though (sliders now $0.70!), but totally worth it and still just as satisfying! There was just something about being back at White Castle with a friend. And, even at $0.70/slider, the meal still came out to be a lot cheaper and just as filling as other fast food places. What I love the most about sliders are the soft buns, chopped onions and pickle! So simple, yet so delicious! I don't have to worry about them being too dry since they're steamed, or any of the other unnecessary add-ons like mayo, lettuce, or tomato. And this may be a stretch but they're really not that bad for you (in moderation...). They're only 140 calories/slider. That's the same as a granola bar, 2 oreos, a can of soda, or a handful of trail mix.

In conclusion, I am definitely pro-White Castle. And reading the fun facts on the bottom of each white castle box is entertaining too. I hope you can have a positive White Castle experience as well. For more information about White Castle, visit:

And there's always coupons! In the past, I've probably received 6 free sliders, just from coupons on my receipt when ordering and last night when I ordered they gave me a buy one get one coupon for their chicken and cheese sandwich! Right now they're having $5 off crave cases or if you're one of the first 90 people at a location, you'll receive a pin and free slider to celebrate their 90th birthday! Now there's no excuse to go out and satisfy your hunger at White Castle! And buy extra to store in your fridge because they're just as good, and sometimes even better the day after! Just microwave for a few seconds!

90th Birthday Coupon:

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