Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sara Bareilles and Serendipity

On Wednesday, August 31st, I had the honor of seeing Sara Bareilles in Central Park, NY with my dad and sister. The concert was amazing! I love Sara Bareilles. She has a great sense of humor and an even greater voice. Her most popular songs are "Love Song", "Gravity", and most recently, "King of Anything", however, I personally enjoy a lot of her songs that are not so mainstream. If interested, my personal favorites are "Come Round Soon", "Any Way the Wind Blows", "Breathe Again", and "Bottle it Up". She is truly an artist and sounds spectacular both live and in her recordings.

After the concert, my dad surprised my sister and I by taking us to the famous Serendipity 3, located at 225 East 60th Street, NYC. They are most famous for their "original, outrageously divine, frrrozen hot chocolate" so, that's exactly what we ordered, and outrageously divine it was! The portion size was generous and there was the perfect amount of chocolate, cream, chocolate shavings, and crushed ice. I would recommend going there at least once for the experience (especially after seeing the movie Serendipity), but not on a regular basis because it was quite pricey. One serving of their famous frozen hot chocolate is $8.95 and there is also a $8.50 minimum/person to dine inside their uniquely decorated establishment.

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